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Those who do not fall to any of these categories should take Phentermine and feel the benefits that it gives. It is best to seek a physician's opinion for the best usage of these pills. hey you guys and welcome back to my channel and you're watching me tonight you could be watching anybody else but you watching me me me so anyways guys what I really want to talk to y'all about is this wonderful Pele sent from heaven above is called in the main phentermine 37.5 mg I took it two years ago I lost um sixty five pounds in four months and it's wonderful and I'm gonna basically be giving you guys a review on it and explaining to you guys why I am choosing to go back to using it and kind of like inviting you guys to watch the journey of me actually progressing with this pill so stay tuned in to me phentermine 37.5 mg so like I stated in that intro I took this pill two years ago you guys and it did wonders it did beyond expectation for me it was like you know like I'm telling a gift from above but um so you guys this is actually how I heard of heard about this particular product um I have a sister who is like very very secretive and she does not let you in on any secrets any beauty secrets any weight loss secrets no type of secrets but somehow she got lost like oh a significant amount of weight and you know we were used to her not being fat but you know big and she was like always sticking right places though I didn't understand why she chose to lose weight but it looked that good so I'm like and then it was like a short period of time that it was like that she achieved you know her weight loss so I'm like you know I I know I won't get it you know her secrets because I'm knowing her knowing that you know she don't really give secrets like that so um basically what happened was she let the cat out the bag and she told one of my brothers and one of my brother's was like girls I know how she didi you know I mean he'd say like this [Music] kind of play he was like I know how she did it she did it with this feeling scoffing to me phentermine 37.5 mg and I was like what but no he told me he told me the brand name and he said adipex and I was like what and I was like okay so I started looking up at APEC's and that's how I was introduced to the name finding mean um phentermine 37.5 mg because it's the knockoff brand of adipex so um I started looking to see like where can I get this pill from different things you know because like you know how like you can see a review on YouTube but it's nothing like it being in your own family where you can like see it like with your own eyes and stuff so I was like I have to get this pill and so I started looking and I was like you know hmm let me see the reviews on it let me see if anybody else had like you know um this great turnout with their weight loss and to my knowledge everybody who taking it and reviews about it felt good it was legit so I found this weight loss clinic that write prescriptions for it so in bed were just called the weight loss clinic so if anybody wanna know that's watching me that lives in benwood it's called the weight loss clinic is on Florida Boulevard yep I think so anyways so what happened was I made the appointment and upon making the appointment you know they actually information and different things like that you get an office they check your current weight they check your blood pressure every time that you go to a visit they will be checking your blood pressure that guess and like if it's like hi I don't think they'll give you the prescription but if you know you need to clear you and clear so basically you know they kind of give you a booklet and different things like that different information to help you monitor how you eat and different things like that so anyways they write the prescription you can go to your Walmart Rite Aid CBS's I mean on their little insurance card that they give you and I think it's like seventy percent off it has like a list of like everywhere that you can really get it from so um you get it and you can start taking it as soon as the next day so with me taking it um there's a lot of reviews that you know it gives you oh oh your heart beats fast or you know you'd be a little shaky and different things like that and I would not devote that but I will say with my experience when I first started taking it the first day that I started I broke out into like heat sweats like you would have thought I was in like menopause at at 2726 like I broke out into heat sweats all the time like the first day then I took it I actually was like working I don't know why I took it when I went to work but I like literally had to go sit in the break room at my job and like cool off so the heat is real and then you know you'll get a little shaky where I got a little shaky and different things like that but it only lasted like thirty minutes and once the thirty minutes was gone it was like your energy boosted like you know where you where I would be get my job kind of slow slag and lacking in different things I was like like running circles around people so your energy definitely boosts you almost instantly forget that you're hungry like I can't tell you how many times I keep I kept forgetting to eat and that's a problem too because you think like oh I'm gonna lose weight cuz I'm not eating but you actually go into like a what they call it a plateau because you have to get in enough food as well like you can't just be like oh I forgot the ate eat I forgot to eat and I'm gonna lose weight because I didn't eat like in two days no no no you don't go into a plateau which is you just sit on your current weight or you know you just don't move alright you wait just something basically so um you guys I lost 265 pounds in four months and it was like the four months was coming by so fast and it's like people started noticing and did my clothes got cheaper and it was like I love shopping like I was like really really feeling myself so um with the 65 pound stones cuz I always I initially started off thinking I had to lose 100 pounds and let me tell you something about the number the number is not your target your target is your look when you look in the mirror and see that I'm comfortable that's what you should always aim to to begin and to stop it because I started with a number in mind and I couldn't really see my progress because I wasn't that number if that makes sense so um my husband would tell me like literally I could see your veins I could see your bones and your neck and your you know your collarbone and different stuff like that and other people started telling me that and it was like oh we could see like the skeleton in your face but I wasn't to the number that I had intended to target and so I never saw that so you guys like I said the pill works but you have to understand that it's more than just a number like you have to be comfortable with what you're looking at in the mirror because the pill would do the work well let's be honest the pill does not do the work you do the work but the pill would help you out a little bit with assistance with um cravings and hunger like it'll push that back for you but ultimately you deliver you I was exercising every single day I didn't do major exercise I did cardio I walked the treadmill most of the time so yep that's what I did I'm gonna put some pictures in this video so y'all can see I deleted all the pictures that I had that I can see my skeleton in because I never want to see that again like I was like literally deaf walking so yeah y'all but oh why I am choosing to go back it's because and if I got no trying to be no fat [Music] so let me tell you I've went back three different times just bad boy bad party so I went back three different times but this is what it this is what it's been like in the midst of me going back I would take like a week Murph the pills like I would do a week and then I'm just like you know what I'm not I'm not taking it anymore like I'm bad with taking pills but I don't know it was something about me the first time I had the drive like I had the motivation the inspiration to do it and so it was very much easy but then once I realized who like I put in my head which is a lie like oh like all I gotta do if I want to ever lose weight is just get this pill and then like the motivation left in the inspiration left and then you know the drive to do it left because I felt like I found the miracle pill that I could just turn to whenever I wanted to do to lose the weight so it just left and so the three times that I did go back I was like okay I'm gonna take it for a week but imma just stash these over here because when I really do get ready to take it I'm gonna have a whole bunch of already like being like a frenemy hoarder so umm I was like you know just stashing them on the side but [Music] yeah I feel like since I started my channel and different things and that's the good thing about starting your channel because you want to look up on yourself because you have to present yourself like you're trying to bring yourself so you have to be looking right in all areas so YouTube also help me get the motivation back to want to even you know like I glam myself up definitely every day but it's it's like YouTube has given me the inspiration to go beyond what I've been doing so in that sense I will be including my fitness with finding phentermine 37.5 mg and you guys I got a lot of you guys on Facebook that used to ask me how did I lose all of that weight and I'm gonna be taking you guys with me on my journey hopefully maybe I'll run into some of you guys in clinic but um definitely finding mean is from what I know of it it's a pill that works exactly straight with the brain and um sending signal to the brain that you have eaten and you're not hungry so your brain does not send signals that you're hungry um if you take it too late you would probably not fall asleep until the next day it keeps you up on saamiya [Music] yeah if you heat sweat sometimes sometimes some people would say that their heart is beating fast you little shaky but it only lasts for like 30 minutes y'all literally thirty minutes and it does not last throughout the timeframe that you're taking it it's it's like the beginning like when you start taking in your body is getting used to something different so it's throwing off of those reactions but like two three days in like your body has accepted it you don't get those side effects I was losing roughly five pounds a week yep about five pounds a week so um it works fast and you need to drink a lot of water lots of what to do not substitute crystalline and kool-aid packs and different things like I used to but drink lots of water and yep in the mean yo I'm about to show y'all what they do what it do what it do what it do yep at my weight loss clinic they charge $75 a visit and then I no need to get my prescription filled at Walmart so I pay about $10 for the actual prescription to be filled but it's the best like its $85 ever and I can't wait so you guys I have some left from my oh I have three left from old prescription basically it's this white pill and it has like blue specks in it okay yep you don't wanna be on camera today so um it's just like pill that has blue specks in it it's very little for those who have trouble swallowing pills it's not like a thick field it's very thin your fan you guys might be skeptical about taking pills I was at first I always believed in doing it all a natural way and everything but sometimes I hear I need a little boost you know and I can use that energy right now because lately it's been like I've been my energy has been lagging like it's been like I want to sit down I find myself sitting down then I find myself sleep so the energy is much much needed over here and yup you guys so you guys I'm going to be doing this live on X in action on camera so you guys can see and maybe it would promote some of you guys to try it out not saying that it would work for or everyone because I have had friends that tried it my little sister has tried it and she definitely said this is not for her so it is not for everyone so I won't say that it is but you guys can try it and if you don't have like problems with high blood pressure and different things like that it might be a good fit for you guys so you're gonna watch me show you the live review every time we talk about fitness I will be updating and posting my results so you guys stay tuned stay tuned stay tuned yep but anyways y'all that wraps up this video if you liked it please give it a thumbs up don't forget to Like and subscribe and go ahead and share this if you will and um if anyone information that I did not give to you guys that you want to know put it in the comments down below I answer all my comments so um put it in the comments down below and I will be happy to give you the information that you need about it so thank you guys once again and I love you and stay blessed and stay humble bye

How to Buy Phentermine Pills in USA

it's Carolyn with Carolyn's RV life and we are standing on the Mexican border I went in yesterday to get my prescription for my migraine so I can think again I have no migraine and today I wanted to go back to get more for one thing and to take you with me I want to walk you through what steps I took to be able to just walk across the border walk up to a pharmacy and get a prescription and and a week of suffering with a migraine couple things that you're gonna need before you cross the border a passport and cash they do take American money you don't need to exchange it I don't know if they take credit cards but I'd rather not use a credit card so make sure you stop at the ATM and get cash there is an ATM here but I bet they cost they charge you a small fortune passport so that I can get back into the country I want to get back into the US so I've got my passport and I've got cash so come on let's go in New USA okay so we're in the parking lot and I say we say hi Bob hi everyone everybody you know almost everybody knows Bob I'm Lee Bob all you haters out there fuckin leave her alone she's smarter than I am she teaches me a lot more than I teach her okay I didn't pay him to say that all right I'm going to do it again without saying no actually I think I might leave that all right here's the ATM in the parking lot right outside the Mexican border I don't see it says fee notice but it doesn't say how much I'll let you guys figure that out not sticking my card in there so I'm a little tripping out today on the fact that I had to leave my good old US of A to get my prescription to feel better and pay a tenth of the price that I would pay in the US without insurance something to think about welcome to USA so that's it it took us two minutes to walk into USA and wait to see what's next staying here in Algodones there's nobody here all the Americans are probably hungover but as soon as you walk in you see pharmacies there's the purple pharmacy which is a popular one I saw lots of billboards for and there's guys out front of course he's waving he wants us to come in and you'll and you'll also see all the dentist offices stuff I'm gonna come back for that probably next month because I need to get some dental work done but of course they're closed today it's Sunday and it's New Year's Day but yesterday I went into the pharmacy straight ahead and got my migraine my sumatriptan and today I'm gonna go get some more why not right and yesterday what I was in there I asked them if I could film while I was getting my prescription and they said no I kind of wanted to just show you how easy it is actually these guys across the street are pretty nice I'm gonna go ask them I'm sorry [Music] yes I'm on my way whatever you want to introduce yourself and tell me the name of your pharmacy I'm Ricky Ricardo and I work for the Leakey's pharmacy so what can we buy here pretty much anything and do we need a prescription everything is over-the-counter so we can just walk in and buy what we need yeah we got a different system down here what you guys are used to so for those so we don't we don't have a flood you'll get in trouble even though if you got a message your doctor prescription yeah they won't let you go through okay that's so no schedule one drugs No okay we're not looking for those but just in case people might be wondering if you can come down here and get a legal narcotics I know you told me where you can do that they'll refill you know my body and so on in Atlanta you can medicine antibiotics okay emergency for the guys for the guys I've gotta be true okay bro okay so can you say that again we can get antibiotics we can get pain medicine but not not controlled substance pain medicine okay all right alright Here I am in Algodones USA and I got my migraine medicine one bottle five pills was five dollars and fifty cents which is about what I paid with insurance in California but I also pay ninety five dollars a month for the luxury so and I also have to get a prescription and they and they crash and what I can get walked over the border within fifteen minutes I had my prescription my migraine is already going away so it's not a sugar pill it works because I can feel it working just like I feel my regular sumatriptan working and here we are in USA getting prescription drugs without a prescription just walk up to the counter and the pharmacy and get them all right now we just we're done by our prescriptions and now we go through US Customs I'm not gonna try to record in there cuz as much as I love you guys I don't want to go to US or Mexican jail for you but we went through this yesterday basically going through customs in an airport you show them your passport they're gonna ask you what you have I told them I had my migraine medicine didn't even look at them and just passed us through you can only take three months at a time so just know that when you come in you're only allowed to take three months worth of medication out at a time all right here we go we're going into customs us people looking at me someone would be all right we're through customs that took two minutes it's morning New Year's Day so there's nobody here but just like I said just had to show my passport tell him I was bringing prescription medicine over for my graves they let me through that's how easy it is to buy prescriptions in USA kind of makes you think

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